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Pastoral Comments

Dear Parishioners,

I am very grateful to the United States of America that has become my Country by adoption. I have lived here almost half of my life and the day I became an American (not so long ago) I was ready to fully espouse the values and the potentials of this Country. The United States at its raising were embedded with the opportunity to build up a Nation where freedom, respect of the other, liberty, God’s Fatherhood would not be just mere words, but a program of life.

We live in an era where “the word” has lost its weight: an individual could give his word, but it actually means nothing: he/she might already be thinking to break it, not to be faithful to it, not to stand for what he/she committed to.

We Christians should be a countercultural sign in this troubled society. We should be thankful that we have been given the ultimate unchangeable Word, our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the same: yesterday, today and always. He is the Word that does not pass away.
Since I came to United States I have always loved the feast of Thanksgiving which ultimately affirms what we just stated. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we should be grateful for a Homeland that affords us a religious liberty that we should defend and a religious faith—Christianity—which wants us to make us truly free. “The truth will make you free!” said the Lord Jesus Christ.

As your shepherd I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from the bottom of my heart: may all of us be reunited around family, around values that we share, around good laughter, around good food, around joy and peace. May we all be united in the presence of God.  May this beautiful celebration be for all of us a reminder that we are blessed and this blessedness is also a responsibility toward those who are less fortunate than us.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

With my best wishes,
Fr. Giovanni

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